In The Faded Forest Sounds The Call of a Bird 


Supported by the National Geographic Society as National Geographic Explorer 

Climate change has led to serious forest dieback in Germany, causing massive environmental problems and economic loss for farmers and communities alike. The root of the problem comes from non-native forests that blanket the country, wood plantations, logging, and the fact that only three percent of Germany remains unfarmed. 

Natural forests are not indispensable for offsetting our carbon footprint but also part of our culture heritage. Innumerable myths, paintings, stories and poems deal with the forest, a place of protection and danger at the same time.  

While I returned to Germany during the Covid-19 pandemic, I barely recognized the landscapes of my childhood. They have changed forever, such as our world has. This ongoing project is a visual exploration of the fragility of our ecosystem, and therefor, of us as a part of it, our continued environmental destruction and the urgent need for a change of policy. 

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