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Morning Song - The Book - First Edition

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 "I began to take forbidden walks to a nearby lagoon where I found a magical world. Nature had regained its space, the lagoon was crystal clear in the middle of Buenos Aires, full of birds and fish. I began to feel part of a larger ecosystem, as a mother and as a woman, analyzing this connection with our inner animal. I began to heal. In the next 4 months, I lost two more pregnancies. Now, looking back, despite the pain, I know the timing was not right. As I am doing this book I am pregnant with my second child." 

Morning Song is a very personal project about motherhood, love, life and also about dealing with a loss - and therefore about healing. 


Special Edition (numbers 1-30 of 333) with signed print on Hahnemühle Baryta, 15x21cm, The Lake:  



First Edition of 333, signed and numbered:


22 cm x 16 cm 

124 pages 

Polychrome Printing on Bristol 150 Gr paper 

Inserts 16 x 10 cm on Bond 70 Gr paper 

Hard cover on Bristol 150 Gr paper 

Hand-bound with open spine, including closing spring, in Colombia 

Printed at Matiz Taller Editorial in Manizales, Colombia 

Published por️ Raya Editor️ial

Photogr️aphy and text: Sar️ah Pabst

Edition and art direction: Santiago Escobar️-Jar️amillo

Design: Sebastián López U.

Testimonials by Sabine Eichbauer️, Mir️a Flor️es, Sabr️ina Bor️a, Ulla Hospelt, Olga Lucía Jar️amillo Ochoa, Sar️ah Pabst

Tr️anslation to English: Jennifer️ Weidenholzer️

Proof Reading: Gabriele Hospelt

Tr️anslation to Spanish: Blas Finger

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